e2Taxi is committed to providing the highest quality taxi services at reasonable prices,
using environmentally friendly vehicles and electronically advanced technology.

Perfect for students, seniors, and people with disabilities, e2Taxi is more than just a "cab for hire"
to get you to the airport. We are part of the fabric of your community:
a full-service solution built to address all of your transportation needs quickly, courteously, and efficiently.

Book a ride in Bloomington or Terre Haute by calling 812 961 TAXI (8294)

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e2Taxi is committed to running a carbon-neutral taxi operation by operating hybrid vehicles and participating in an array of programs to replenish the earth as it is operating.

Reserving a ride is fast and easy with online booking, accessible on the web and on your smartphone. Text messaging and emails are also available to provide the most convenient ways to book your ride.

Each driver receives specialized training in limousine-quality customer care characteristics, such as courtesy, attitude, and attentiveness to customer needs, before beginning to operate an e2Taxi vehicle.