Customers will be assured of a pleasant ride with e2Taxi drivers. Each driver receives specialized training before beginning to operate an e2Taxi vehicle. The training introduces drivers to limousine-quality customer care characteristics such as courtesy, attitude, and attentiveness to customer needs. The training also features map reading, defensive driving, passenger assistance techniques designed to assist elderly and disabled customers, the operation of e2Taxi vehicles and e2Taxi technology, and how to handle emergency situations. In addition, drivers must pass a drug screening and physical examination, a criminal background investigation, and a credit check prior to being allowed to participate in the training.

Automated Fare Calculation

e2Taxi fares are not determined by meters, which do not guarantee the most direct route for fare calculations, or by a difficult-to-understand zone system. Instead, the fares are based on distance which is automatically calculated by GPS-driven software. When customers call in for a trip, the GPS system calculates the fare and tells the passenger their fee prior to pickup. Customers enter e2Taxi, give their destination to the driver, receive a verbal fare quote, and receive a printed receipt at the end of their trip. That way both the driver and the passenger agree to the fare before the trip begins.

Customer Safety and Accessibility

Every e2Taxi has both internal and external-vehicle cameras which capture high definition video of all trips as a means of ensuring passenger safety. The camera monitors driver actions and provides visual proof in case of accidents.

Many taxi companies use older vehicles that may be difficult for passengers to get in and out of and are certainly not equipped to meet the needs of passengers in wheel chairs. The e2Taxi fleet includes accessible vehicles. The MV1 is purpose-built for accessibility and economy. In addition to accommodating a wheel-chair passenger, the MV1 provides seating for 4 passengers, and uses gasoline or compressed natural gas.

Multiple Customer Payment Options

Completing an e2Taxi trip is as easy as starting one. e2Taxi accepts a wide variety of payment methods.